Bao Shu

Unassuming Tian scholar


Bao Shu died of old age surrounded by many generations of family and trusted servants. He is enjoying the young and supple body he has been granted, but is discommoded by the lack of servants, silk robes, and fine furnishings.

Shu is a Conjurer with the Teleportation focused school. He eschews the schools of Evocation and Necromancy as inherently destructive, in accordance with his veneration of the God of Walls and Ditches. His feats are focused on summoning spells and he is served by his childhood companion, the petrifern Penjing. In addition to ranks in useful skills and an unwizardly flair for Diplomacy (he has the Honest trait), he also has ranks in Craft (calligraphy) and Profession (scribe) and will add ranks in Profession (poet) and similar skills in the future.

Should Pharasma’s desperate gambit continue, Shu will allow Penjing to return to whatever place good and loyal plants enjoy when they die and summon a harbinger archon as his familiar.


In 3020 IC (520 AR – some 4,200 years ago) Yixing became the first great historical empire to span the continent of Tian. Order and prosperity were brought to All Under Heaven. Chenghuangshen, the God of Walls and Ditches, known among the more recently departed as Abadar, held sway over the empire and its many wondrous achievements.

The architect of the continent-spanning bureaucracy that made such an empire possible is not celebrated in tales or songs, as are the Emperors and their brave generals and heroes. His family and legacy, even his name, have long since been forgotten. He was, and now reluctantly is again, Bao Shu, scholar, amateur poet, and chief bureaucrat of the Divine Yixing Empire.

When the Lady of Graves sifted the souls of all who had ever stood before Her, She chose this most unassuming and unlikely of heroes to bring order to the now-fractured Realm of Aroden. And so he was plucked from Heaven, literally. No longer allowed to bask in the certain knowledge that he brought prosperity, order, and harmony to the lives of untold millions, he may sometimes be short with those who do not see their current tasks as an unexpected and unwelcome break in their well-earned eternal reward.

Bao Shu

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