Kvati Esema

erstwhile nagaji warlord


In the swamps of Nagajor in the equatorial heart of Tian Xia, the royal naga – enormous five-headed snakes with sorcerous powers – have ruled over a vast, isolationist empire for many millenia. Their subjects, the nagaji – a race of snake-human hybrids bred as slaves by the naga – toil away in lives of discipline and duty. Once in an age, however, when a particularly incompetent or cruel naga emperor takes power, the nagaji rebel.

A generation ago Kumathaka, just such an emperor, inherited the throne of Eastern Nagajor. The nagaji grew restive under his yoke, and after the king led the nagaji in a disastrous attack on neighboring Xa Hoi, a rebel army descended from the foothills of Mount Pahadi and slew him. After a year of anarchy, a warlord consolidated power (with the aid of Xa Hoi troops) and proclaimed himself emperor of the new kingdom of Sarpasatra, which in the naga dialect of draconic means “sacrifice of serpents”.

This warlord, the emperor Kvati, ruled for only ten years before he was slain by a spirit naga assassin sent from the remaining naga-ruled lands to the west. He and his murderer died with their fangs in each other’s throats. Kvati’s two sons are only small children; the future of Sarpasatra looks bleak.

Now, Kvati’s soul has been pulled from the river by Pharasma and reincarnated outside of the cycle of the world. He still has some scattered memories of his days on Golarion. To his great surprise, the soul of Vasuki, his assassin, is now bound to serve him – to atone for her ignoble actions in her previous life, he assumes.

Kvati Esema is a nagaji unchained summoner. He has a serpentine-form eidolon, the aforementioned Vasuki, whose skills are concentrated in rogue stuff like stealth and disable device, and who is reasonably good in melee. Kvati is LN – he’d rate as LG except that he’s cruel to his enemies (and to Vasuki).

Kvati Esema

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