Chaos War: The legacy of Aroden

The Twice Crowned King

(Season 1, Pilot) Plucked the from the waters of the afterlife


“At first there is only darkness.. then.. after what seems like an eternity, a sound reaches your ears.. the sound of small waves lapping at a sandy shore echoes all around you as the dim covering of eternity begins to draw away, and you to realize that you are alive. Unfamiliar lungs draw unfamiliar air as you taste life for the first time in what seems like ages, or was it only minutes, you can no longer tell, all that you know is that lungs draw air, and there is the feel of a breeze upon your face.. as well as the wetness of water, as you are laying on a sandy beach somewhere. All of you open your eyes.. and blink as another small wave of crystal clear water laps over you. There is a figure nearby, gaunt in the extreme and dressed in the crow feathered robe of Pharasma and wearing what appears to be a long beaked bird’s mask. As he steps closer, you can see that he has a long scythe in one hand which crunches in the white sand. The figure raises his arms and speaks with a soft whispy voice that can still be heard even from where he stands.. “Rise.. twice born.. Rise.. heros of old. Your journey through the river of death has come to an end…”

When you awakened upon the shore of this undiscovered country, It was to the revelation that your time had passed, and come again. The endless white sand beach of an island deep in the restlands of Pharasma was met by a cowled figure who bid you listen to what they had to say. You have been given another chance at life, for some of you this was a gift and others a curse. But the troubles of Aroden’s realm had begun to spill over and the Grey lady knew that the decision needed to be made by mortals, for it was there world which would be affected by the consequences.

As you left the beach to explore, you discovered a pleasant island whose inhabitants seemed to be going insane. You came upon a family whose patriarch was burning his own fields and killing his own family before dissolving into a blistering skeleton made of chaotic warp fire. Meanwhile his family were twisted as they screamed and transformed into misshapen masses of chaos ridden flesh that only desired destruction.

You came across the first caravan of the varisi, and a gregarious caravan master who greeted you and provided some measure of succor in exchange for rescuing his daughter from the clutches of skeletal marauders. After recieving a harrow telling by his fortune teller, your fellowship enjoyed the company of his wagons before departing in the morning to discover a counting house who’s minister had fallen to the same chaotic influence and was going insane.

He summoned several undead before attacking and being destroyed by the fellowship after a pitch battle in the counting house. During the evening of the battle, your home was violated by an intruder, who slipped away before engaging in combat, only to resurface later with a troupe of skeletal warriors at thier side. This Zombie Ninja was extremely skilled and inflicted terrible wounds before they were finally brought low.

Now, the last stretch before the town of Fuon Zhya..



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